Terms & Conditions

Rules of our website


Kiln Share is a simple directory website that connects potters looking to hire kiln space to fire their work with local kiln owners. This means that responsibility and liability is held solely between the potter and the kiln owner and it is their duty together to work out an arrangement that is suitable for both parties. Read our disclaimer policy.

Terms when listing your kiln

Kiln owners who would like to add their equipment to Kiln Share's directory map can do so for free. Kiln listings can be edited or deleted at any time by contacting us. Kiln Share does not charge rental commissions or process fees.

It is your responsibility as a kiln owner to set firing rules, take payment and manage the kiln rental process. Kiln Share is not responsible for disputes or damages to your kiln or a potter's work.

When someone contacts you via the contact form found on your kiln's listing page, it's your choice to engage in a conversation. If you are not interested in firing a potter's work, please be respectful when replying to them. To stop contact messages falling into spam folders, please whitelist info@kilnshare.com. You are 100% in control of your rental prices and firing rules and you decide when to disclose your full address to the potter. You do not have to fire a potter's work just because they contacted you.

The data you submit through our sign up form is displayed publicly on your kiln listing page - this includes your name, kiln details and your postcode / ZIP location. This data is stored by Kiln Share for admin, legal and security purposes and at any time can be requested by you to be changed or deleted.

After completing our sign up form, an email confirmation will be sent to you that details the information you submitted - you will then be emailed a link to your kiln listing when it's live on the map! When you list your kiln on Kiln Share, we do not create an account for you on our website - if you want to change details on your kiln listing page, please contact us.

Terms when looking for kiln space

Visitors who are searching for local kiln space to hire can use our website free of charge to search our directory map.

It is free to get in touch with a local kiln owner. When you contact a kiln owner through the contact form found on their listing page, your data is shared both with the individual who owns the kiln and Kiln Share for administrative reasons. It is up to the kiln owner to decide if they get back in touch with you - they also set their own rental prices and firing rules, which must be respected.

When contacting kiln owners, please try to include as much information about what you are looking to fire - this will help the kiln owner to understand how they can best help.

These terms can be updated at any time - last updated Jul 2022.