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Are you a potter or ceramic artist looking to rent kiln space in London, United Kingdom? Have you got pieces ready to fire but don’t have kiln? 

Look no further! Kiln Share is here to help 🔥 

With tons of kilns listed all over the city of London, all you need to do is reach out to an owner and you’ll be firing in no time. 

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What's the pottery scene like in London?

In London, people really love making pottery! You can find cool old ceramics in places like the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the East End, there are studios where potters work together, like at Turning Earth and south of the river, places like Mud Gang.

Markets, such as Columbia Road and Broadway, sell handmade pottery for everyone to enjoy and @independentceramicsmarket pop-ups are always worth visiting!

Nowadays, potters and ceramic artists are trying new things, like being eco-friendly or using fancy glazes. London’s ceramics scene is like a mix of old and new, where folks create all sorts of pottery, making it an exciting and always-changing part of the city’s vibrant art scene.

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