Although Kiln Share has made every effort to make sure kiln owners listed in our directory are legitimate and reputable, we cannot be held responsible for the firing of any pottery, exchange of money or personal interactions as a result of meeting a kiln owner through our website. We also cannot be held responsible for kiln damages, should they happen.


Kiln Share does not control a kiln owner’s rental prices or firing rules – these are set individually by each kiln owner and must be respected. We will not be held responsible for damages due to incompetence or accidents – this includes damage to kiln equipment and/or a potter’s work. If any problems occur, it falls solely to the kiln owner and potter to sort it out between themselves – Kiln Share will not get involved.


Kiln Share is a directory website that connects potters looking to rent kiln space to fire their work with local kiln owners. This means that responsibility and liability is held solely between the potter and the kiln owner and it is their duty together to work out an arrangement that is suitable for both parties.

If you have any questions about how Kiln Share works – please contact us.

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