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What is Kiln Share?

Kiln Share is a global kiln directory website that helps connect potters looking to hire kiln space with a local kiln owner.

The platform is 100% FREE for both potters searching for kiln space and for kiln owners who would like to list their equipment on the map!

If you’re a potter looking for a local firing service – search our map for FREE to find a local kiln to hire near you.

If you are a kiln owner and would like to join the directory it’s quick and easy to sign up. You can list your kiln anywhere in the world 🙂

I want to edit / remove my kiln listing page

If you would like to make changes or delete your active kiln listing page, please email

Please remember to mention your name and postcode / ZIP address. We will update or delete your page as quick as possible. If you think you might rejoin in the future, your kiln listing page can be temporarily hidden from the map.

Unfortunately, at the moment, kiln owners cannot edit their listing page themselves.

How to rent a kiln near you

You can find kiln space to hire near you by searching our interactive map – it’s 100% FREE and always will be!

Zoom in to your location on the map to find kilns to rent in your area. Click on a flame icon and follow the link to find out more about each kiln listing.

If you would like to contact a local kiln owner for prices / further information, you can send them a direct message via the contact form found on their kiln listing page. Please include as much information as possible about the items you are looking to fire such as sizes, clay type, glazes and firing timescales.

If you can’t find a kiln near you, join our mailing list or follow Kiln Share on Instagram or Facebook.

How do I list my kiln?

Listing your kiln in our FREE directory is simple, quick and easy! Simply fill out our sign up form to get your equipment listed on Kiln Share’s directory map.

As it’s your kiln, you get to set the firing rules (such as clay/glaze types) and rental fees. For help with pricing, read this blog post.

Got more than one kiln? No problem at all! Your directory listing can advertise as many kilns as you have. It’s 100% FREE to list your kiln on Kiln Share – we do not charge commission or process rental fees through our platform.

We ONLY require your POSTCODE / ZIP to locate you on the map. You are in charge of disclosing your full address to potters when you are ready.

You are free to edit or remove your kiln listing at any time.

We’ve created Kiln Share member badges should you want to promote renting space in your kiln on your own website or social media channels.

Confused about how it all works? Find out more

Information we need to list your kiln

Here’s a list of the information we need to add your kiln to our directory. To see what your listing would look like, search the map and have a look around!

  • Your name (this can be your business name)
  • Email address
  • Website or social links (if you have any) 
  • Kiln brand / model
  • Kiln type
  • Internal size
  • Max firing temperatures
  • Firing rules (if you have any)
  • Photo (ideally of your kiln!)

If you are filling in your details on a mobile device, you can take a photo of your kiln and upload it directly into our sign up form!

What happens when a potter contacts me?

Please whitelist to stop emails from potters falling into your SPAM folder.

When a potter contacts you through Kiln Share, it is up to you to decide if you want to fire their items.

You also decide how much you want to charge them and how you would like to be paid. You are free to set your own firing rules such as only allowing a certain temperature range, loading and unloading procedures or specifying clay/glaze types that can be fired in your kiln.

To avoid kiln accidents, please read our advice about what to discuss before you fire another potter’s work.

For security reasons, we only show your postcode/ZIP and the nearest town or city on your listing page. We leave it to you to decide when it’s best to provide your full address details so the potter knows exactly where you are.

If you are not happy to fire a potter’s work, that’s absolutely fine – just politely let them know. You are under no obligation to fire a potter’s work just because they contacted you!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How much should I charge when hiring out my kiln?

When you list your kiln on Kiln Share, the price you charge potters to rent kiln space is completely up to you!

If you are new to renting out kiln space we’ve written a detailed blog post all about working out how much you should charge and what type of pricing models to have ready for when potters contact you.

As we don’t ask kiln owners to disclose pricing on their listing page, it’s difficult to give exact rental pricing examples. But remember, renting space in your kiln to a local potter is helping them fire items without having to own their own kiln, so you can always charge more than you think for the privilege!!

Get help with kiln rental pricing

Is Kiln Share really free?

Yes! Kiln Share is a FREE global kiln directory platform. You can search the map for FREE to find kiln space to hire or list your own kiln for FREE to start earning extra income! 

Kiln Share DOES NOT take commission or decide how much kiln owners charge for firing – we simply connect potters looking to hire kiln space with someone locally who owns a kiln.

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Who owns Kiln Share?

Kiln Share is managed and owned by Mike the Freelancer. A web designer by day, aspiring potter by night!

Feedback about Kiln Share is always welcome! Support Kiln Share.

Kiln Share launched in April 2021.

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