About Us

Starting from a simple belief that not every potter needs to own a kiln, Kiln Share is on a mission to build a worldwide kiln directory that connects potters with local kiln owners.

Our goal is to …

- Help connect potters looking to hire a kiln to fire their work, with someone locally who owns one

- Helping kiln owners earn extra income from hiring out their kiln when they are not using it

Whether you are an amateur potter looking to fire your very first creations or a professional ceramics artist with spare kiln capacity, Kiln Share is made for you!

At the moment, directory subscription is ONLY open to kiln owners who are based in the UK. We are planning to start accepting worldwide listings soon.

Kiln Sharing

Our Platform

Kiln Share is a simple kiln directory website that connects potters looking to fire their work with local kiln owners.

We do not charge commission or process kiln rental payments through this website. This means responsibility and liability is held solely between the potter and the kiln owner - this includes agreeing a price, sorting a payment method, setting firing rules and paying for damages (should they occur).

As a kiln owner, you are under no obligation to fire a potter's work just because they contacted you. YOUR KILN = YOUR RULES, YOUR PRICING!

Kiln owners who want to be listed in our directory pay us a monthly subscription so that they can be found and contacted by local potters looking to hire a kiln.

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